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Jon Hylands Jon at huv.com
Sat Sep 2 20:41:33 UTC 2000

On 02 Sep 2000 07:03:30 -0700, Scott Jaderholm
<lispbliss at sage.cortland.com> wrote:

> I recently downloading Squeak and played around with it.  It is pretty
> cool and a lot of fun.  I'm curious however, what are some of the main
> uses Squeak is good at?  A friend said he uses it for hacking out
> ideas before writing the apps in java.  I'd like to know what you guys
> use it for.

I'm using it to write an autonomous controller for a robotic submersible.
You can check out some screenshots of the autonomous controller running in
a simulator (also written in Squeak) at:


I will eventually port the autonomous controller (AC) to Pocket Smalltalk,
since Squeak doesn't really fit on a Palm device. The AC code is basically
Smalltalk-independent, while the simulator is definitely Squeak-only, using
Morphic for all the graphics stuff, and the animation in Morphic to both
animate the GUI and to also step the AC.


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