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Ned Konz ned at
Sat Sep 2 21:02:59 UTC 2000

Raymond Asselin wrote:
> I like that morph very much with the combination of the new functionnality of selecting a bunch of
> Morphs...fine

Glad you like it!

> ackward:
> - when you select a ConnectorMorph which yet connects two others Morphs and you duplicate it, merely to
> have a new ConnectorMorph, often the ends of the new ConnectorMorph snap to the ends of the original
> ConnectorMorph without be connected to the Morphs at both ends.  It is ok that it is not connected but a
> desagreement that it snap to old ConnectorMorph.

Actually, it rather depends on what you want "duplicate" to do. Right now
it also duplicates the connections. An alternative method would be to duplicate
all but the connections. But that might annoy someone who wants a real
Perhaps a better approach is to have it in a context where duplication would
not be needed: having a prototype to drag out as needed.

Something else I'm trying is a way to disconnect a ConnectorMorph by dragging
it faster than a certain speed. I don't know whether I like the effect. The
minimum speed is so that if you try to grab a vertex and miss, you won't
it (as often).

> wishing:
> - a way to force a right angle of a ConnectorMorph. Like : pick a handle, move it a bit in one direction and
> (alt + clic) to force a right angle this side of the 'move'.

That may conflict with gridding. I'll look at it, though.

Ned Konz
currently: Stanwood, WA
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