Pictures from ECOOP

Helge Horch Helge.Horch at
Fri Sep 8 10:24:53 UTC 2000

At 23:53 07.09.2000 +0300, Mike Rutenberg wrote:
>p.s. How do people normally rotate JPEGs and then save them again in a file?

Well, we have all the tools at our disposal:

| form |
form _ JPEGReadWriter formFromFileNamed: 'SqueakBadge.jpg'.
form _ form rotateBy: #right centerAt: 0 at 0.   "or #left"
    putForm: (form asFormOfDepth: 8)     "so that GIF can handle it"
    onFileNamed: 'RotatedBadge.gif'

Pity that JPEGReadWriter and PNGReadWriter don't implement #nextPutImage: 
yet. The recent ICFP contest entry features PPMReadWriter, though.


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