QuickTime for Squeak -- Macintosh

Michal Seta mis at music.mcgill.ca
Thu Sep 21 06:34:28 UTC 2000

getAndOpen doesn't work for me either.
MP3 files play fine, though.

MacOS 8.6
QT 4.1


On Wed, 20 Sep 2000, Jim Benson wrote:

|> Some experience reports:
|> - The "QuickTimeMoviePlayer getAndOpen" did nothing at all.  I had to
|> open by filename.
|> - I tried opening an MP3 (I do have QT4.1.2), but nothing happened.
|> AIFF worked fine, though.
|Has anyone gotten either of these two items to work, and if so under which
|version of the OS?

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