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Sat Jun 30 17:13:43 UTC 2001

On Saturday 30 June 2001 10:54, Steve Wart wrote:

> I am a little confused by the distinction between scripts and methods,
> especially when I look at the SyntaxMorph. How hard would it be to get
> the methods to show up in the Viewer?

Scripts are (special) methods that live in so-called "uniclasses". If you 
browse the Morphic-User Objects category, you'll see the actual classes that 
were made on the fly. Each scripted object gets its own class.

But there's some special plumbing that lets a method be usable for scripting, 
mostly including declaring slots and commands for the Viewer. I suspect that 
the reason that regular methods aren't visible in the Viewer is that the eToy 
user would be overwhelmed.

Look at implementors of "additionsToViewerCategories" to see how a class adds 
commands and slots to the Viewer.

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