documentation requests?

Lex Spoon lex at
Thu Jun 21 04:17:04 UTC 2001

Thank you incredibly much, everyone.  I've added everyone's suggestions

I'll leave the "add new suggestions" box on the page, but now there's
PLENTY.  Only about 2% of the class actually wants to be proactive about
documentation, even when extra credit is available.  Future offerings of
the class, though, might have students that are interested.

By the way, I hope if you suggested something you don't mind students
emailing you to try to flesh things out.  If you do mind, either email
me, or just remove your name and email from the swiki page.

Finally, I just have to say that it's been really staggering reading
through these posts.  There is a LOT of good software and ideas both in
and around Squeak!

Now we'll just see if anyone bites.  The class ends, uh, the last week
of July, and most likely things will be turned in later rather than

Lex Spoon

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