More advanced Graphing

Ned Konz ned at
Fri Jun 1 16:01:28 UTC 2001

On Friday 01 June 2001 00:39, J Scott Jaderholm wrote:
> Ned Konz <ned at> writes:
> > Do you need interaction or not? GraphMorph has a lot of logic for cursor
> > control.
> You mean the red line that's placed there with the mouse?  So far I've
> not used that and I don't think I will be using it.
> > Do you need it to change in real time (i.e. as data is coming in)?
> > Scroll?
> I don't need it to change in real time, nor do I need it to scroll,
> although scrolling might be nice (it's not a priority at the moment).

Then you might just make your own Morph and use PolygonMorphs a/k/a 
LineMorphs to draw the lines. You can change the vertices of the lines as new 
data comes in.

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