Very slow performance on faster machine

John Hinsley jhinsley at
Fri Jun 29 01:16:44 UTC 2001

Tim Cuthbertson wrote:

> Good Lord, who would have thunk (sic) that 1/4 gig of RAM wouldn't be enough
> on a PC?

Who indeed? But then, who would have thought that 128Mb of PC133 would
cost $20? I remember paying twice that for 64Mb only last Christmas!
(Dammit!) And about the same for 8Mb of FastPage a couple of years

The defrag issue does seem a bit wierd. But I wonder if a delete, defrag
and re-install would help? Or you might like to try stopping the
management server. I'm not sure what Oracle does on/to NT, but I know it
wants to play about with the kernel (and grab a huge amount of RAM) on
Linux. -- Which (as well as my calculating that I'd never, ever be able
to afford to run it commercially) is why I use MySQL. But that's another

There are so many interesting (and instructive) possibilities: I hope
you keep fiddling with it!


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