[ENH] HandMorph Cursor Enhancements

Jesse Welton jwelton at pacific.mps.ohio-state.edu
Tue Jun 12 21:24:24 UTC 2001

Submitted for inclusion in Squeak 3.x.

"Change Set:		HandMorphCursorEnh-JW
Date:			12 June 2001
Author:			Jesse Welton

This change set makes the cursor handling of hands smarter, so that
'aHand showCursor: aCursor' will display a hardware cursor whenever
possible, and fall back on a software cursor whenever necessary.  This
happens automatically as needed due to changes in the hand's state,
without losing the current cursor shape.

HandMorph is refactored by pulling the Sensor-specific event
functionality out into a separate class, SensorHandMorph.  This makes
a clearer distinction between default behavior for all HandMorph
subclasses and behavior specific to the local hardware hand, and
greatly facilitates the implementation of the cursor enhancements, due
to the very special bahavior the hardware hand must show.  (Software
hands such as replay hands and remote hands continue to have no effect
on the hardware cursor.)

Warning: Hand-tweaked changeset, will not fileout again properly."

The version of this changeset generated by simply filing it out
includes two redefinitions of HandMorph, the first of which adds the
new instance variables and the second of which removes those which are
removed.  I had to tweak it by hand because Squeak would hang when
reading the second class definition.  All I did was to move the second
(final) definition up to replace the first one.  The only effect of
this (other than making it possible to file it in) seems to be that it
results in a bunch of undefined reference warnings on the Transcript,
which are all resolved within the changeset.  Two questions come to
mind: Why does a changeset get filed out with this organization (ie,
what purpose have I overridden)?  And why does Squeak hang when
evaluating the second class definition in this case?

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