On interfaces - Morphic Wrappers

Gerardo Richarte core.lists.squeak at core-sdi.com
Wed Jun 6 21:41:47 UTC 2001

John Kozak wrote:
> Just downloaded and fileIn'd this, and seem to have hit a bugette
> (this with squeak 3.1 4081).  

	I'm sure you haven't done anything wrong. This is what I meant
when I said that it was hard to mantain a package up to date.
	The problem with the text appearing outside the balloon is not new,
it appeared with one of the latests Squeak updates (between 2000 and 4048),
we tried to fix it, but it will take some time (does anybody want to give
it a try?).
	The other problem (the doesNotUnderstand:) is pretty new, I haven't heard of it before, so it must have appeared with an update between 4048 and 4081. As soon as we update our images, and have some time, we'll
fix it... sorry for the inconvenience... I'll announce the updated version on the list as soon as we have it.

	Buggy Bye!

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