[Q] Squeak and...

Stephen Pair spair at acm.org
Thu Jan 2 15:02:59 UTC 2003

Professionally, I use and have used VisualWorks, VisualAge, ObjectStudio
and GemStone.  But, I've also used Dolphin, ST/X, and MT.

I like VisualWorks for its fast VM and stability, VisualAge if you like
to pack the kitchen sink when you travel, GemStone for its easy
persistence (and general server capabilities), and Dolphin for building
Windows specific applications.  I don't have as much experience with
ST/X and MT, so I can't really comment on them.

I like Squeak because it is open and it's basically a blank canvas.

- Stephen

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> I am curious about which other Smalltalks Squeakers use. I 
> imagine Squeak is 
> a/the favorite of Squeakers, but I'm wondering what other 
> favorites there 
> are and why. I jump between Squeak, VW, and STX - always 
> comming back to 
> Squeak - mainly to look into widget/GUI stuff.
> Cheers - and Happy New Year!
> Ken
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