[Q] How suitable is Squeak for Database work

Nevin Pratt nevin at smalltalkpro.com
Sat Jan 4 02:34:37 UTC 2003

Robert Withers wrote:

> On Friday, January 3, 2003, at 07:59 PM, Gavin Scott wrote:
>>> so which one is better?  nested joins? accessible execution plans?
>>> hinting?  :)
>> I find PostgreSQL to be a more "serious" database system than MySQL.
>> Haven't used either with Squeak though, so I don't know if there's a  
>> quality
>> difference from the driver/interface point of view.
> yep, I believe I agree with you.  a brief look showed PostgreSQL's  
> SPI_saveplan and SPI_execp
> http://www.us.postgresql.org/users-lounge/docs/7.0/programmer/spi- 
> spisaveplan.htm
> http://www.us.postgresql.org/users-lounge/docs/7.0/programmer/spi- 
> spiexecp.htm
> I couldn't find the equivalent for MySQL, after a cursory look 
> through  google.
> rob

I view PostgreSQL as more of a competitor for the likes of, say, Oracle 
or Sybase, for potential enterprise-wide use, or departmental use.

In contrast, in my opinion MySQL is a competitor for the likes of, say, 
MS-Access, for, say, embedded applications, vertical market apps, and 
the like.

Thus, PostgreSQL and MySQL each have their place.


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