[NEWBIE] mouseUp help

Bill Spight bspight at pacbell.net
Sat Jan 4 16:06:29 UTC 2003

Dear Ned,

> > The problem comes with the next mouse click. It can be anywhere in
> > the GoBoard's World and it affects the same GoPoint. Nothing is
> > visible, but inspection reveals that there are multiple "stones" on
> > the point. (Alt-click breaks the spell.)
> >
> > How do I get each click to register on the intersection being
> > clicked?

> If I understand what you're asking, the answer might be to capture the 
> mouse focus until this interaction is done.
> That way, your intersection will see all the mouse events.

Actually, I have the opposite problem.

> So you'd go:
> ActiveHand newMouseFocus: self.
> later...
> ActiveHand releaseMouseFocus: self.

That works. (It turns out that all I need is the last line.)

Many thanks!


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