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Tim Rowledge tim at sumeru.stanford.edu
Fri Jan 10 18:48:49 UTC 2003

Alex <huetal at iutc3.unicaen.fr> appears to have written:

> We are 3 french students working on a project : SqueakBot. We want to
> control a Robot with a microcontroller, but all the existing Squeak VM are
> to big. So we want to know it is possible to use the Squeak VMMakerTool to
> create our own VM. We must have a very light VM because our
> microcontroller card only have 64 ko of memory (RAM+EPROM).
As Goran said, I fear this will not help you all that much. VMMaker can
produce VMs based only upon what is available, ie all the core parts and
the plugins. You can make the plugins internal (bound into the vm
executable) or external. By leaving out ones you don't need you can save
space but probably not enough to fit into  64bk!  I can get the core vm
for the Acorn/ARM down do about 100kb but one still needs assorted
plugins to be able to do anything much.

I haven't tried in years, but it might be possible to save space by
_not_ doing the CCodeGenerator's inlining. Last time I did try it
produced faulty code that couldn't compile so I forgot about it.

You're probably better off looking into PocketSmalltalk for now.


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