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John M McIntosh johnmci at smalltalkconsulting.com
Fri Jan 10 21:56:02 UTC 2003

On Friday, January 10, 2003, at 10:48  AM, Tim Rowledge wrote:

> I haven't tried in years, but it might be possible to save space by
> _not_ doing the CCodeGenerator's inlining. Last time I did try it
> produced faulty code that couldn't compile so I forgot about it.

The faulty code is  a result of some interesting inlining issue.  
However it only happens in a
few places < 5 or so, causes a compiler error, and is easy to hand fix.  
Still just the compiled code
must be mmm.

Ok for a non-inlined Squeak3.1alpha [latest update: #'Squeak3.1alpha'  
of 6 February 2001 update 3960]
compiled for 68K machines using size optimization, we need 64,976 bytes  
for the code, and 64,4464 bytes
for data storage for interp.c That excludes all the other support  
files, but I do recall making a VM for Dan
once that only needed about 200K of space oh yes a 3.0.9A VM that is  
220K in size. 174K for PPC code this time, and 84K for
storage. With that and a mini image you could run in a ONE MB space.

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