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John M McIntosh johnmci at
Sat Jan 11 02:40:02 UTC 2003

Sure I think some folks here about build a browser plugin for squeak  
for a particular device they had in mind, squeak did
the hosting of everything except the html rendering which was done by  
some other open-source solution.

I'm assuming you've looked at the cocoa version of Squeak.

The html render in Safari is  a framework, nothing prevents you from  
plugging that into the squeak vm and using the obc-bridge code etc
to show a browser subwindow. Note quite sure how keyboard/mouse events  
would get processed, but that's a minor issue.

In theory you could change the khtml framework and include the squeak  
framework and somewhere/how do something interesting
to marry the two, which would allow you to have squeak in Safari  
without using a plugin by putting the frameworks in the right place.
mmm see this Apple code, see how they do something special on mime type  
text/xml. However doing things this way requires
altering Apple's product, well maybe it could become a popular  
open-source solution.

   // ### not sure if XHTML documents served as text/xml should use  
DocumentImpl or HTMLDocumentImpl
   // We can't deal with XML yet, so just give it an HTML document for  
now. -dwh
   if (args.serviceType == "text/xml")
     d->m_doc = DOMImplementationImpl::instance()->createDocument(  
d->m_view );
     d->m_doc = DOMImplementationImpl::instance()->createHTMLDocument(  
d->m_view );

Can't speak what to do on the Windows side, there you are back to  
running squeak, then having a html plugin (somehow).

Tho I'd suspect by next week we'll have a million or so khtml users and  
climbing via Safari so I wonder which one will become the
mainstream open-source solution for html?

On Friday, January 10, 2003, at 05:36  PM, Merik Voswinkel wrote:

> On donderdag, jan 9, 2003, at 18:32 Europe/Amsterdam, John M McIntosh  
> wrote:
>> Now the interesting thing about all this is that the javascript, and  
>> HTML render are cocoa frameworks. Which really means you can plug  
>> your copy in to replace the official version as distributed by Apple.  
>> Although Apple isn't open-sourcing 'everything' it is interesting to  
>> see how they are partitioning functionality between the open-source  
>> community and internally managed fit & finish presentation look & >  
>> feel.
> It could also work the other way around. Build a webbrowser gui in  
> squeak of Croquet, use a Squeak plugin to add the javascript and HTML  
> render of OS X.
> A Squeak plugin on unix could use the Darwin or the KHTML versions.  
> Ugly, when they start to diverge.
> It is only a quick and dirty way to get a fast browser in Squeak. I  
> would love a 100% morphic browser, but I think that we are running out  
> of time. I can see a future release of Croquet that millions will  
> download, if only for a game or presentation.
> But to keep it on their desktop's it needs more. Number one will be a  
> fast browser. That is the only reason I am looking into borrowing  
> Apple's aproach to quickly create a browser. They married a 'library'  
> to a cocoa gui.
> Whe can do the same, with Squeak or Croquet. But it's still ugly.
> To come back to your point John, do I understand that we could plug  
> code into Apple's framework replacing there code?
> Could i do that with squeak? Replace a definition of cocoa window with  
> squeak code?
> I have been looking into two simpler problems, using Squeak to create  
> links into Applescript Studio as is now done with Applescripts.
> And the reverse, using Squeak to call all Apple's framework code, as  
> could be done with FFI or like the Quicktime calls in Squeak.
> I want only to pursue this route if Smalltalk/Squeak turns out to  
> interface easier than Java and Objective C. I am mainly interested in  
> using Cocoa.
> See also my comments on OpenGL and the Mac OS X desktop shining  
> through as another way to mix OS X en Squeak.
> Merik Voswinkel
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