[DISCUSS] Double-click; Blue IS extension...

Tim Rowledge tim at sumeru.stanford.edu
Sat Jan 11 19:52:17 UTC 2003

"Doug Clapp" <dclapp at qwest.net> appears to have written:

> Tim wrote, in part:
> >> a double-click is
> a) what a single click would have done (select something for example)
> plus
> b) an extension of that...
> ----
> Yes!  And the Blue button, the "meta click," does just that!  It 
> a)does what a single click does -- select the object, and...
> b)plus an extension: a halo!
No, I disagree. The halo is a _meta_ thing in morphic. I don't feel that
a double-click is a valid causative agent for a meta thing. I probably
can't explain it terribly well and I certainly don't have time to try
right now but it seems to me that d-click should be an operation
relating to the application behaviour.

Actually the morphic halo has so much damn stuff in it that it probably
breaks any possible sensible rule of UI goodness.


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