newbie question about Scamper and firewall proxy

David Faught dave_faught at
Mon Jan 13 14:21:58 UTC 2003


I have been successfully using the changeset referred to below in order
to get through the firewall at work with the proper authentication.  If
I try to upgrade to 3.4, apparently there is a collision between this
changeset and 5016u27-xTPfixes-hg and I can only get about 31 of the
fixes put on before I permanently lose the firewall

I can't be the only person that has to authenticate to a firewall. 
Maybe this proxy/authentication fix could be incorporated into the
xTPfixes instead of remaining rogue?  Or is there something in the
xTPfixes that addresses this that I am missing?

Or maybe this is addressed in a later fix in the stream for 3.4 and I
am running into a Catch-22 situation with the order that the fixes are

Thanks for any help you can provide.

On Oct. 15, 2002, Joern Eyrich wrote:
>Hi David,
>file in the attached change set. Then evaluate
> HTTPSocket clearProxyUserPassword.
> HTTPSocket proxyUser: 'myUserID' password: 'myPassword'.
>BEWARE: Your password will be easy to get at in the image until you
>clear it.
>I got this from
>You might like to browse around this swiki a little for other useful

>> Thanks, this is helpful, but doesn't quite solve the 
>> problem.  Now I get directed to the firewall, but 
>> never get prompted for a userid/password for 
>> authentication.  The firewall quickly gives me back 
>> the message: 
>> Invalid Login Notification 
>> ------------------------- 
>> Your Attempted Login Is Invalid For At Least One Of 
>> The Following Reasons: 
>> • Incorrect Password 
>> • Incorrect User Name 

>>>Try using: 
>>>HTTPSocket useProxyServerNamed: '' port: 80.

>>>You need to type this into a workspace, substituting 
>>>your correct proxy 
>>>server name between the single quotes, and your 
>>>correct port number. 
>>>Then select to highlight the text and "Do It" to 
>>>execute it. 
>>>Don't forget to save the image after you do this, or 
>>>you will have to do 
>>>this each time you come into Squeak. 
>>>Steve Gilbert 

> HTTP-proxy-Mar02.cs.gz

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