Voxel graphics with Morphs/Balloon3D

Merik Voswinkel buurtnet at cistron.nl
Tue Jan 14 23:39:56 UTC 2003

On zaterdag, jan 11, 2003, at 16:24 Europe/Amsterdam, Hans Nikolaus 
Beck wrote:

> I need help from some graphics guru, because I've very poor expericene 
> with graphics/morphs and Squeak (or Croquet) :-)  which ist the best 
> way the implement a Morph which could visualize a voxel space? Or is 
> something like this already available ?

You answered it, Croquet. But you will have to implement the object 
structure for the a voxel space first. A toolbox of methods to fill a 
space, give voxels behavior through calculations or representations.

> There a some sub questions:
> - efficient way of storing data: a variant of a (multidimensional) 
> Array class, or something else ?

I would class this as less relevant at first, finally it will be 
crucial. So don't bother about it's memory footprint now (up to 500MB, 
a few gigabytes an the next year). But when you now how you want things 
represented and actually used it, start thinking about efficient 
storage only
A general Morp(Squeak) hand Croquet approach to base your first mental 
model and first demo on.

> - graphics:  does  balloon provide any help this or is there another 
> option to do graphics?

There has been some discussion before, i'll start looking through the 
180MB maillist archive.
I remember that there is no real issue here.

> - using Squeak or Croquet (may be croquet suits better for such 
> requirements)?

A general Morph(Squeak) and Croquet (Squeak) approach to base your 
first mental model and first demo on.
Croquet is the obvious place to visualize voxel spaces.

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