building a Squeak CDrom

goran.hultgren at goran.hultgren at
Thu Jan 16 12:06:07 UTC 2003

Marcus Denker <marcus at> wrote:
> A later version of the CD should contain a complete mirror of
> SqueakMap, nicely installable from the SqueakMap-Browser. I need
> to look at SqueakMap how to do this...

Well, currently SM simply downloads the url for a package to local disk
and then installs it into the image. Every time. No cache intelligence
whatsoever. :-)

Later SM will have much smarter cache logic (also based on releases) but
since that will not be until later I suggest a small hack in SM so that
the download code looks for the file locally before trying to use the

You could write a little script that downloads all downloadable packages
from SM and stores them each in a directory of its own with the "UUID of
the package + smartVersion" as directoryname. Then you could add a
little cache-check and perhaps a confirm-popup "Load package from cache
instead of the Internet?".

If the map is updated from the Internet and new versions of a package is
available it will not use the cached version anymore.

Well, not perfect - but doable. I am a bit pressed right now so... if
you or anyone else can do this I am happy to help with questions etc.

Btw - the map itself is easily put on the CD by simply starting a fresh
Squeak with no subdir "sm" in the working directory and then fire up the
package loader. This should produce the "sm" dir with one log-file in
it. Copy that dir with that single file onto the CD and somehow arrange
so that the user understands to copy this directory into the Squeak
directory on his machine.

Hmmm, well - the bootstrapping of SM (the SM code) is still left to do
of course...

regards, Göran

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