[Q] keyboard navigation in menus

thierry_reignier <thierry_Reignier at hotmail.com> thierry_Reignier at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 16 12:30:11 UTC 2003


> > PluggableTextMorph>>yellowButtonActivity:
> Seems like your change is not required then Torge.
...see what it actually does:

> Or would a general modification do?
> yellowButtonActivity: shiftKeyState
> 	"Invoke the text-editing menu
> 	TREG: added access to preference"
> 	| menu |
> 	(menu _ self getMenu: shiftKeyState) ifNotNil:
> 		[menu setInvokingView: self.
> 		menu invokeModal: Preferences menuKeyboardControl]
forget my suggestion, that parameter has really nothing to do with
keyborad control. It allows 2 menus, one if you press the yellow
button and another one if you press shift + yellow.

up to your application to supply a second one if it is not already
handled by the morph to return world menu.

and if you add the following: 
keyUp: anEvent
	"Handle a key down event.
	TREG: added Application Key"
	anEvent keyValue = 93 ifTrue: ["Application key was presses"
		anEvent shiftPressed
			ifTrue: [ActiveWorld 
			ifFalse: [self yellowButtonActivity: false]]

to both TwoWayScrollPane and ScrollPane then the "application key" 
will be available. (will be improved to support shift menu from 
applications and will be published in a later changeset)

Application key is on newer keyboads on the right hand side 
of both Alt Gr / Windows Start and on the left hand side of Ctrl.


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