[Q] keyboard navigation in menus

thierry_reignier <thierry_Reignier at hotmail.com> thierry_Reignier at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 15 08:20:19 UTC 2003

Hi Ned and Torge,

menuKeyboardControl is exactly what I needed. Great thing.

> PluggableTextMorph>>yellowButtonActivity:
Seems like your change is not required then Torge.

What's your opinion Ned? Or would a general modification 
(see last line) do?

yellowButtonActivity: shiftKeyState
	"Invoke the text-editing menu
	TREG: added access to preference"

	| menu |
	(menu _ self getMenu: shiftKeyState) ifNotNil:
		[menu setInvokingView: self.
		menu invokeModal: Preferences menuKeyboardControl]


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