Squeak on WinCE-Jornada720 Image Request

Just4Fun Just4Fun000 at msn.com
Fri Jan 17 19:36:35 UTC 2003

Before I jump into another request, I would like to thank G=F6ran for =
his extensive reply to my 'Newbie' post. Your reply certainly helped
clarify things for me. I appreciate the time that you took to respond.

For Ralf: This may be way too elementary for you, but after HOURS of
searching for morphic documentation that would help a 'newbie', I found
this little tutorial on. It isn't perfect, but if you are programming
using Morphic in Squeak, at least it helps you to understand how to see
something happen other than drawing objects on the world:

  I hope one of the experts in Windows CE development would give me some
help in getting an image for my Jornada 720. I've found the VM, but my
Windows Squeak image will not work and I don't understand the language
well enough to "shrink" it. I am also a little foggy on what I actually
need in terms of files for the Jornada. I would like to keep the morphic
development environment for the Jornada if possible. Once again, thanks
to everyone who helps newbie types like me.... Rachel

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