Squeak on WinCE-Jornada720 Image Request

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Sat Jan 18 00:32:09 UTC 2003


Check out Yoshiki's site at


He has references to small images as well as lots of other good advise.

  - Andreas

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> Before I jump into another request, I would like to thank 
> G=F6ran for =
> his extensive reply to my 'Newbie' post. Your reply certainly helped
> clarify things for me. I appreciate the time that you took to respond.
> For Ralf: This may be way too elementary for you, but after HOURS of
> searching for morphic documentation that would help a 
> 'newbie', I found
> this little tutorial on. It isn't perfect, but if you are programming
> using Morphic in Squeak, at least it helps you to understand 
> how to see
> something happen other than drawing objects on the world:
> http://webs.uolsinectis.com.ar/jmvuletich/MorphicTutorial/Morphic.html
> Finally,
>   I hope one of the experts in Windows CE development would 
> give me some
> help in getting an image for my Jornada 720. I've found the VM, but my
> Windows Squeak image will not work and I don't understand the language
> well enough to "shrink" it. I am also a little foggy on what 
> I actually
> need in terms of files for the Jornada. I would like to keep 
> the morphic
> development environment for the Jornada if possible. Once 
> again, thanks
> to everyone who helps newbie types like me.... Rachel

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