[ANN] Manzana - A really simple physics simulation

goran.hultgren at bluefish.se goran.hultgren at bluefish.se
Wed Jan 22 14:49:17 UTC 2003

David Faught <dave_faught at yahoo.com> wrote:
> SqueakMap is really great, but I really like Diego's sample images too.
>  The directory at Bob's Super Swiki is both a plus and a minus.  It's
> good to have an idea what the project looks like, but browsing through
> 300+ thumbnails and having them reloaded a few times as I check out
> individual projects is not so great.

To be able to associate a thumbnail/screenshot with entries at SM has
been discussed before - it is of course a nice feature, we could add it.

> SqueakMap is obviously the way to go for language/feature extension
> type things, but I guess I'm not convinced that it's the best thing for
> projects.  I like having a thumbnail or even a few screenshots of
> something to get an idea of what it's really like before I download it.
>  I guess that's what the "homepage" in SqueakMap entries is for.

In SM1.1 the idea is that you can associate "Resources" with packages or
package releases. A resource is meant to be a very general concept and
could typically include sample Projects for the package in question.

> There's also a lot to be said for having everything in one place. 
> Speaking of which, is there any plan to convert to SM or "point from"
> SM for the projects on Bob's Super Swiki, for example?

Have no idea. Do remember that the success of SM is partly due to the
fact that it is meant to be a catalog and not a repository. This means
that it tries to be friends with all the other "repository" ideas around
- like for example SuperSwiki.

I think that the resource concept in SM1.1 together with some special
features for dealing with Projects (like showing thumbnails/screenshots)
would go a long way. And this would play very nicely with SuperSwiki
since the resource is actually just an url. The actual Project would
still live in the SuperSwiki.

regards, Göran

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