[BUG] Morphic-PDA

Henrik Ekenberg admin at ekenberg.org
Sun May 9 07:59:57 UTC 2004


I was playing with Morphic-PDA and show smalltalk to a freind.
We/ He ( :) ) found a bug (an old one)  in the notesMenu .

The index the programe check is wrong ... I test "toDoListIndex" should 
be "notesListIndex"

How can update the code in the downloadable image ?

notesMenu: aMenu

    aMenu add: 'add new note' target: self selector: #addNote.
    notesListIndex  > 0 ifTrue:
        [aMenu add: 'remove note' target: self selector: #removeNote].
    ^ aMenu

Best Regards
Henrik Ekenberg

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