On maintaining a consistent update stream

Bert Freudenberg bert at impara.de
Sat May 15 12:37:36 UTC 2004

Am 15.05.2004 um 01:59 schrieb Colin Putney:

> On May 14, 2004, at 6:10 PM, Doug Way wrote:
>> I was somewhat hesitant to allow updates which directly load packages 
>> from SqueakMap.  This was discussed a few months ago, though, and 
>> there wasn't any significant opposition to the idea.  See:
> I know this idea is pretty radical, but I figure I'll throw it out 
> there anyway. Maybe it will grow on people.
> Why not just keep packages out of the update stream entirely? That 
> would make the update stream only responsible for managing the Minimal 
> image, and avoid all these issues, entirely.

Seconded. I'd extend this with the suggestion that a package could have 
its own update stream. The code for this is ready, I think Andreas Raab 
posted it a while ago. We're currently using it successfully to keep 
Tweak evolving, which IMHO is much more comfortable than all other 
methods we used for getting new package versions so far.

- Bert -

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