winCVS help needed

goran.krampe at goran.krampe at
Wed May 19 10:04:35 UTC 2004

Hi guys!

I thought I could duck and avoid this particular thread, but... :)

Ross Boylan <RossBoylan at> wrote:
> > So the real question I suppose (apart from 'why do I put up with this
> > junk') is how to set up winCVS to let me connect as a developer to our
> > archive at sourceforge. Or alternatively, what other application might
> > be better? If it's really not possible with winCVS or some othe gui
> > app, I could just barely tolerate a command line but honestly, can't we
> > do better?
> > 
> > Hey, Goran, what happened to SqCVS? 
> > 
> > tim

Well, SqCVS works, more or less. :) But the issue with SF is generally
the SSH stuff.

WinCVS + suitable SSH app + following SF instructions to the letter
ought to get you there.
It was a while since I did it myself. Peter Crowther seems to have up to
date knowledge so I will leave it to him to help you succeed! And WinCVS
is quite ok IMHO.

Regarding moving the whole lot off to SqF - sure. :) I agree. I could
try to see if I can make time to do it, but there are so many things to
do... If someone else with some CVS and Linux knowledge would care to do
it - perfect.

Personally I think we could start by simply just moving the whole CVS
repo "as is" and then set up a mirror or two for readonly access. SSH
doesn't seem necessary at this point IMHO.

Then we could look into trying Arch or some other of the newer more
capable SCMs around, but no point in changing everything at once.

regards, Göran

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