ARM Linux version of squeak HELP.

Yoshiki Ohshima Yoshiki.Ohshima at
Mon May 24 07:53:25 UTC 2004


  I once used to use 3.4-2 source tree to make a VM for the SL-series
Zaurus PDAs that use Linux/XScale platform.

> I modified tim's configure script so that it would configure 
> in cross compile mode.  I didn't change the Autoconf stuff, I 
> just removed the checking for primitive length, set long long 
> as the type for 64 bit and left DOUBLE_WORD_ALIGNMENT and 
> DOUBLE_WORD_ORDER cat ed to confdefs.h. (actually I've tested 
> each combination of DOUBLE_WORD_xxxx and all give the same 
> result)

  In my environment, I turned off (undef'ed) DOUBLE_WORD_ORDER.

> I get a compiled vm and compiled vm-sound-null 
> vm-display-null.  But when I run squeak on the SBC i get an 
> invalid opcode error.  (sorry I couldn't attach the output  
> here, my computer situation is less than convenient for this 
> kind of task.)  I am using a majorShrunk 3.6 image cause only 
> it will fit on my SBC.

  Invalid opcode doesn't sound good...

> I came across a post to this mailing list made in 2000 that 
> outlines a couple of changes to sqGnu.h specifically.
> #if defined(__arm__)
> # define IP_REG asm("%0")
> # define SP_REG asm("$1")
> # define CB_REG asm("$2")
> Would this fix my problem?  From the post, it seems that Tim 
> is using a different toolchain than what I am using.  I am 
> using a gcc 2.95-3 toolchain.  I might have to change these 
> defines to reflect a gnu assembler style (which I am not sure 
> about) and maybe change a few other things.

  Rather, you might want to define those REGs as null strings.

# define IP_REG
# define SP_REG
# define CB_REG

> Can Tim or Ian or anybody give me some direction.  I am very 
> keen to get squeak working on our SBC, and a few people at my 
> university are interested in Squeak and ARM as a robotics 
> platform. I think it's a cool idea.

  You might want to take a look at the "memo" file in

  It "briefly" describes what I did to make it work.

-- Yoshiki

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