tracking down change sets for a class

Ross Boylan RossBoylan at
Sun May 1 06:54:10 UTC 2005

On Sun, May 01, 2005 at 01:43:31AM -0400, Doug Way wrote:
> On Friday, April 29, 2005, at 07:53 PM, Ross Boylan wrote:
> >I'm considering the best approach to migrating an image and application
> >which are at 3.6.  I thought it would be useful to review relevant
> >changesets, especially the pre and post code that handles migration (I
> >guess such code could also be embedded in doIt's).
> >
> >I am not having much luck.  I'd like a "see all changesets with class
> >X" (or see all entries relating to the class), but the closest I've
> >found to that is to find a method in the class, browser versions, and 
> >go
> >to the changeset.  (I think I used those other, desired, functions in
> >VisualWorks.  Maybe squeak doesn't have them.).
I just found two helpful pages on the swiki about how to do these
kinds of operations:
(My recollection was of being able to do this kind of stuff from the GUI).

> >
> >The problem is that in some cases there is no changeset.
> You'll want to get an image which has these changesets available.  You 
> could start with 3.6 and update to 3.7 to get them.  Or, get one of the 
> images from the images_with_all_changes dir on the ftp site, which has 
> all changesets going back to 3.0.  (More than you need, but it should 
> work.)  Hm, I see the latest image in there is 3.7a... we should put a 
> more recent one in there.
Thanks for the tip.  I noticed one thing that seemed a little funny:
the package for 3.7a is *smaller* than that for 3.6a.  Did the image
get smaller, or is something amiss?

> (Anyway, I have a 3.7gamma image lying around on my hard drive, and I 
> just looked up the changeset for ScrollPane>>#hMargin and it is in 
> 5861addHorzScrollbar37v4-sps.)
> - Doug


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