Set a files timestamp or copy a file with identical date

Herbert König herbertkoenig at
Tue May 10 17:49:37 UTC 2005

Hello Tim,

TR> It's horrible, unclean, tacky but it works reliably and is implemented on all
TR> platforms but Windwos - which ought top be utterly trivial to fix if you care.

in my digital signal processing world things are utterly trivial done in
assembly (after I fought with it for about five years) but others
roll their eyes when I say this.

In squeak everything is still new and I'm on the other side :-))

TR> For usage, scan the VMMaker code for
TR> VMMaker>primitiveCopyFileNamed:to: for
TR> example.

I've understood that I need to find the (slang? C?) code for the
primitive, so where can that be found?

On the swiki I read the named primitive tutorial and I feel confident
that I could build a dll that does the job and call it. But this is
even less elegant than my batch approach.

So if you care please give me a short outline (or a pointer to one) on
how to go about this.

I've read the VMMAKER article on the swiki and for now I fear that
would be the only way to go?

Best regards,

Herbert                            mailto:herbertkoenig at

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