Mantis and Monticello

Lex Spoon lex at
Fri May 13 19:35:32 UTC 2005

Alexandre Bergel <bergel at> wrote:
> I find the use of Mantis quite tedious compare to BFAV. Using 
> the mail as the vector to send fixed is well supported in Squeak.
> You just have to press 'mail to list' in a changeset browser. With
> mantis it takes longer to publish a fix. 

Yes.  On the other hand, I find Mantis much easier to browse and
contribute to.  Whenever I open BFAV it goes to sleep for several
minutes while it downloads and processes piles of email messages.  By
the time it comes to life I have often forgotten why I was opening it or
have run out of time for messing on Squeak.

Neither one of these tools supports packages very well, and that's
something we should fix.  There are tons of bug trackers out there that
are great for package-based processes. Two notable examples are the
Debian bug tracker and the SourceForge software.  I'm sure there are
many more.

In the meantime?  I don't know.  One compromise is to post on Mantis and
then email the package maintainer.  That way, you get the persistence of
a bug tracker, but package maintainers don't have to poll the whole list
of bugs all the time to see if anything applies to them.


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