[Q] About compressing

Lex Spoon lex at cc.gatech.edu
Sun May 22 14:33:23 UTC 2005

Edgar posted some ZIP-ing code and asked about gzipping.  It turns out
that there are some gzip examples in the image.

(1) The "mail to list" feature in the change sorter uses gzipped change
sets.  If you know this (and now you do :)), you can do the following to
find the relevant code:
	1a. open a change sorter.
	1b. bring up the menu in the top-left pane.
	1c. get a halo around the "mail to list" menu item
	1d. explore it, seeing that #mailOut is the relevant selector
	1e. Look for implementors-of mailOut

(2) You can also simply look at users of class GZippThingamabob.  Open a
browser, find-class "gzip", and then "class refs" on the resulting
class.  There are some good-looking examples, including the "mail to
list" one and one that compresses an arbitrary file.

I hope this helps.  These kind of code-navigation skills are very helpful
for using Squeak; a lot of the "bad" documentation (not all!) of Squeak
is because the old hats are good at these things and quietly assume that
you will be as well.

On your other question, Edgar, about compressed sources, I don't know
the details but there is an intriguing method named #compressSources....


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