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Yar Hwee Boon hboon at
Tue May 31 10:44:02 UTC 2005

On 31-May-05, at PM 06:27, Chris Schreiner wrote:

>> Emm.. Browse for implementers/senders/references, etc or use the 
>> method finder?
> I guess you're right, however, I cannot see how I can effectively 
> learn about the framework as a whole coherent system (if it is). 
> Browsing specific areas suggest that I already know about the 
> existence of those areas.


> So my point is, I guess, is there a facility related to Squeak that 
> allow me to understand the framework as a whole?

Well, then my point of view is that you have chosen the wrong example 
in the Java Developers Almanac :) It doesn't explain frameworks. It is 
really a cookbook, albeit a lower level one, but nevertheless useful.

As for your question, to understand frameworks, I would read docs and 
tutorials instead, which admittedly is more sparse over here. But it is 
not all that bad, since over here, frameworks tends to be much 
compact/simpler and easier to understand, and you have a much better 
environment to explore them with. Then slowly, you will get to know 
what methods, classes to look out for. For eg. compare the beaten to 
death Struts vs. Seaside. There has been many books and tutorials 
written for Struts and just a handful for Seaside. But still I would 
think most people who have used both can confidently say that Seaside 
is much easier to pick up.

Do you have a particular framework in mind? Maybe someone familiar with 
it can point you to the right resources.

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