I am standing by Juan's proposal, do you? (was Re: Removing Etoys, Morphic and other friends)

Giovanni Corriga giovanni at corriga.net
Wed Nov 1 17:35:34 UTC 2006

Il giorno mar, 31/10/2006 alle 16.43 +0200, goran at krampe.se ha scritto:
> Hi folks!
> =?ISO-8859-1?Q?St=E9phane_Rollandin?= <lecteur at zogotounga.net> wrote:
> > this is utter nonsense. I just don't understand where we are going here. 
> >    why destroy Squeak ?
> Ok, I have for various reasons decided to drop out of this discussion.
> I don't think I will be able to make my arguments and views any more
> clear than the "nonsense" I have produced so far, and since I seem to be
> the only one publically supporting Juan (perhaps there were a few more)
> I am clearly outnumbered. And I don't feel encouraged to keep discussing
> it this particular way, no - I don't know why we should destroy Squeak
> btw.

Just for the record, I agree with Goran.


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