I am standing by Juan's proposal, do you? (was Re: Removing Etoys, Morphic a

J J azreal1977 at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 1 19:08:49 UTC 2006

I personally wouldn't want to see much forking going on.  The active 
community (i.e. people who are generating code) is small as it is.  But 
there is already a "developers image".  Maybe this could use Jaun's work as 
it's GUI?  I mean, me as a developer, I just want the image to not be 
distracting and run as fast as possible. :)

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>Subject: Re: I am standing by Juan's proposal, do you? (was Re: Removing 
>Etoys, Morphic and other friends)
>Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2006 20:38:34 +0000
>Stéphane Rollandin wrote:
>>>>To be honest I never had been an etoys user and probably should not jump 
>>>>in here. But anyway I wonder: if etoys are already working just fine 
>>>>right now (in efficiently forked image) why do they can not be detangled 
>>>>from the current squeak-dev image to allow it move forward?
>>>I don't know, I did not implement eToys. I just use it, happily.
>On the other side I'm extremely unhappy with current state of morphic. 
>Today I have recommended the friend who is willing to study smalltalk to 
>use Dolphin at the first time. This is because I believe that learning of 
>Smalltalk should happen in the cleanly written system and Squeak doesn't 
>qualify for this (because of morphic in a large extent). It is not system 
>that one programmer can understand with reasonable effort anymore. Dolphin 
>>sorry, I think I missed your point. you meant "if eToys work currently 
>>well in Squeakland, why not get rid of them in Squeak-dev" ?. in that case 
>>my answer is quite simple: I work in Squeak-dev, not Squeakland.
>I see. So no point to argue who is right. The question is - what should we 
>do in this clear conflict of interests? I would prefer an experimental 
>marginal fork to exist for people who are ready for destabilization of 
>things. Individual work like what Juan does is not quite the same because 
>people tend to burn out and efforts should be joined. At least several 
>people with a common view on this are needed.
>    Danil

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