Removing Etoys, Morphic and other friends

Ron Teitelbaum Ron at
Thu Nov 2 19:01:51 UTC 2006

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>Which fork do you think will get Tweak?

What is the potential that Croquet development will surpass Squeak and make
Squeak irrelevant?  The advancements that we can expect from Croquet are not
just UI based.  If we move towards more isolated systems what is the
incentive to continue collaboration?  

I'm not suggesting that removing eToys will be the cause of major problems;
there have been good arguments both ways.  I'm saying that we are already
isolated and need to work towards being a central location for hosting these
advancements.  There are a number of diverse community interests that are
best served by the Squeak community.  Imagine contributing business
applications to a croquet community?  Hopefully the community will rise to
the challenge and work to integrate other efforts.  

What I'm suggesting is that we need to find ways to encourage this cross
pollination and if we want to benefit from the other development efforts in
Smalltalk we need to find a way to mobilize our volunteer community to make
this happen.  Far from telling people what to do; I'm suggesting that we
would benefit from building integration teams to bring in Strongtalk, Tweak,
Croquet and the new eToys.  We will all benefit from having more users input
to help direct where base Squeak goes, instead of letting Squeak float along
and possibly sink, or get off track.

As Lex said, "Sharing an image is painful, but there are benefits to both
camps if it can be accomplished."  I agree.  

Ron Teitelbaum  

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