Loading the OpenGL package (was: Games with Squeak)

Alexander Lazarević Alexander at Lazarevic.de
Fri Nov 3 16:03:15 UTC 2006

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I even found a short description I once wrote at that time about
PositionalArgs and the OpenGLApi.



PS: Again, this was all for 3.7.
PPS: It seems that only FireFox displays all of the Unicode characters
(check, etc.) in the right way.

Alexander Lazarević schrieb:
> Hi,
> When I played with OpenGL in Squeak (3.7) I used
> http://www.lazarevic.de/download/squeak/PositionalArgs37.2.cs
> to load in a vanilla 3.7 image to be able to load the OpenGLApi
> afterwards. I don't know how much has changed in 3.9, but it may be
> worth a try to load this into a 3.9 image and get the current OpenGL Api
> from CroquetSource after that?
> Regards,
>    Alex
> Bert Freudenberg schrieb:
>> Am 14.10.2006 um 00:55 schrieb Andreas Raab:
>>> Diego Fernandez wrote:
>>>> Anyway, I'm trying to load OpenGL-ar.36.mcz in Squeak 3.9 but I get:
>>>> Syntax Error:
>>>> glBindBufferARB(target, buffer)
>>>>     "This method was generated by OGLExtManager"
>>>>     <Argument expected ->apicall: void 'glBindBufferARB' (long ulong)>
>>>> Any clue on how to solve this error? (It looks that it's created with
>>>> a "special" compiler)
>>> Install the FFI from SqueakMap.
>> Ah, no, that's the positional arg syntax extension ... it lets you write
>> a Smalltalk method named "glBindBufferARB(target, buffer)", which
>> becomes the symbol #'glBindBufferARB()/2'.
>> Each of these methods is installed twice, the other in this case is
>> #glBindBufferARB:with:.
>> Hmm, might be easier to download croquet, delete these methods, and
>> fileout the rest.
>> - Bert -
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