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Just a few random comments:

Re the swiki, the user name and password are something like
squeak/viewpoints; when I last checked, they exist to keep vandals out,
not regular readers of this list.  A quick search should help if the
preceding pair does not work.

Croquet indeed appears to be the current direction for 3D in Squeak. 
Ideally, I would hope to see its retained mode (drawing objects instead
of merely triangles) engine factored for use in Squeak.  It is possible
that it won't matter, but I still think it would offer flexibility for
both Croquet and Squeak.  I had some reasonably intense 3D graphics
running in Wonderland under programmatic control with the camera
controls suppressed, but a bug fix (IIRC for the class builder) more or
less killed it.  With a steady population of objects, it runs quite
well, but after the fix, creating new objects causes disruptive delays. 
That aside, the Alice description of objects is designed for end users,
so I was constantly translating from jargon to layman's language to get
it to work.  Alice is very powerful, just not quite in the way one might
want.  Croquet's approach to 3D seemed to be much more direct.


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