Is it possible to customize fonts in Shout?

malex almaslov at
Tue Nov 14 10:52:54 UTC 2006


  Thanks a lot! It worked! :)

  This piece of software is really invaluable for me as I've got used to
syntax highlight since Borland IDE's. I really appreciate your work.

Andrew Tween wrote:
> "malex" <almaslov at> wrote in message
> at
>> Hi everyone.
>>   I'm a complete beginner in Squeak (with previous experience in Java)
>> and
>> I'm trying to set up a convenient development environment. After one day
>> of
>> pain (errors, package installs over and over again etc) the thing seems
>> to
>> work, highlights code and completes methods. The only thing I could not
>> fix
>> till now is the font Shout uses to render strings - it is possible to do
>> that? If so how?
> yes, it is.
> In general, Shout uses the system-wide "code" font (please ask if you
> don't know
> how to change this).
> In earlier versions of Shout (which includes the latest published version
> on
> SqueakMap), the font for literal Strings (e.g. myString := 'this is a
> literal
> String'.), was set to always be 'Accuny'. This caused problems, and in the
> latest version of Shout, the single code font is used for everything.
> So, if you have changed the code font, and are seeing Strings with a
> different
> font from other things, then you are using the older version of Shout, and
> the
> easiest way of fixing this is to upgrade Shout to the latest version
> (which I
> still haven't published on SqueakMap, so you will need to get it from
> SqueakSource). The file is Shout.3.15-tween.65.mcz, please ask again if
> you
> can't find it, or don't know how to install it.
> If you wish to override the code font for certain syntax elements, or to
> change
> the bold/italic/underline/color attributes for those elements, then you
> can edit
> the SHTextStylerST80 class method - #defaultStyleTable. (You will then
> need to
> evaluate - SHTextStylerST80 initialize - and open a new browser before the
> changes will take effect).
> I hope that helps,
> Andy
>>   Thanks a lot! :)
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