How I want Squeak Project Teams to be Visible

Klaus D. Witzel klaus.witzel at
Wed Nov 15 18:25:13 UTC 2006

Hi Brad,

on Wed, 15 Nov 2006 18:55:57 +0100, you wrote:
> Klaus D. Witzel wrote:
>>> Did you have anything in mind on how to
>>> generate traffic to the site?
>> -
>> This is a terrific bargain as long as people don't click.
> You're looking for a snazzy, yeah?

You know, that'd be terrific, wouldn't it :)

> Or maybe a site that presents the projects better than at 'people'?

Sure. Present what is there, its value is gold (have just asked Google  
AdWords for a quote, on 42 keywords broad match and some 40 negative match  

> Off the top of my head, there are a couple of free things  that can be  
> done.
> As you imply, the website needs to be engaging and full of info that
> readers would yearn for, and come back for.

I couldn't have put this into words much better.

>  Each project (or maybe just
> the entire site at first), could have an RSS feed associated with each
> project that gives progress reports and basically introduces the
> projects and how the application can be used. I'm a big believer in
> feeds. The only issue is that authors have to be diligent in updating so
> that Squeak stays fresh in the minds of the readers.

This is the price the project teams have to pay, for the publicity they  
gain and they create. But many of them blog (and feed) anyways, so this is  
incentive (a hyperlink should do it).

> Once the website is up and saying great things about the projects, you
> could contact diverse bloggers to promote this new site on their blog to
> generate traffic. I suggest high profile bloggers that are outside the
> scope of Squeak, but reach readers that would be interested in Squeak
> and the projects.

This is already in place! Giovanni (+news team) does a great job  
connecting people (bloggers).

> Oh, another thing that could be done is to aggregate other Squeak blogs.

Go ahead, no order needed from anybody :)

> This adds weight and credibility to the site.
> I'm sure there are lots of other free things to do (free: as in "not
> counting the time to do all of this!")



> brad

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