Cyrillic on Linux? Please help.

malex almaslov at
Thu Nov 16 09:00:48 UTC 2006

Hi everyone,

  Cannot make Squeak accept Cyrillic symbols under Linux (Ubuntu,
LANG=en_AU.UTF-8). Please help!!! :)
If it does not work we won't be able to continue using Squeak :(

  Tried the following:
1. Installed ttfFontReaderRefactored from SqueakMap.
2. Installed RussianSupport from SqueakSource via Monticello.
3. Run the following code in the Workspace:

"sometimes squeak hangs when new fonts are being enabled - hope this make
doIt more safe."
World collapseAll.

"This will ask for font directory - point to location where your ttf files 
reside. It also will suggest you to enable freshly installed fonts in 
browsers, etc."

TTFontReader suggestBatchInstallToUser.

"This switches locale to Russian - wait a couple of seconds".
Locale switchToID: (LocaleID isoLanguage: 'ru').

4. Changed default font to Arial.

5. Trying to type something in Russian in newly opened Workspace window -
nothing happens, no symbol gets entered.

  Thank you very much in advance.
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