Preparing a Squeak Image and VM for Production

Sébastien Rocca-Serra sra at
Thu Nov 16 17:45:50 UTC 2006

We develop a Web application with Squeak that will soon go in production.

It's our first experience with Squeak, so we need advice before 
installing the image on the production server.

We plan to use a headless 3.8 image on a debian Sarge server with a 
3.9.7 VM.

- Any reason to use a 3.8 image -- like more stability?
- Any reason to use a 3.9 image -- like essential bug fixes? (we do not 
use Traits)

- Do we need to strip or shrink the image (and if yes, how)?
- Or is it best to start from a small squeak image (and in that case 
which one)?

- Are there subtle performance tweaks, (made up example: closing all 
windows in the image)?

- Is the squeak-vm_3.9.7-9_i386.deb VM package suitable for production?

Thanks !

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