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I see, so you use it like a drawing board.  Very creative.  Now if we just had a way to say "now turn this drawing into a real GUI". :)> Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2007 08:47:34 +0200> From: herbertkoenig at> To: squeak-dev at> Subject: Re: Friends of Morphic> > Hello Jason,> > > JJ> The object catalog?  You mean that thing with about 8 tabs> JJ> and shows some morphs?  I have tried that several times but I can> JJ> never find anything in there.  I have never seen, for example the> JJ> things one would use to build the class browser.> > it's called Objects in the World menu and object catalog in the> widgets flap. And I'm only doing rough sketches like attached.> > Magenta is for the names of the widgets, boldface is the general> purpose, the rest is description of function and general remarks.> > The bottom right rectangle is not even part of the UI but a general> description how to use the UI.> > I can send the picture by mail and then I pick up the phone to talk> about it.> > In that particular image I have 14 Morphic projects (= 14 Desktops),> partly documentation, partly browsers opened on a certain aspect of> the code.> > It's the familiar place to come back to which helps me start working> quickly after being absent for some time.> > That's what I meant with superior to Delphi or VB where you can easy> place the original widgets on a form but there's no room for other> aspects.> > > Cheers> > Herbert                            mailto:herbertkoenig at
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