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Keith Hodges keith_hodges at
Wed Jan 2 05:25:00 UTC 2008

I am looking to improve the options that we have available for in-image

My first idea was to disable the compiler for methods of some classes,
overriding #compilerClass to return a slightly tweaked version of Null,
does this. However it only works for instance side methods.  Is it
possible to override #compilerClass for class side methods too. I assume
not, but I wonder if anyone knows for sure.

Secondly, my non-compiled non-smalltalk methods really trouble the
source code formatter. Can this be can be turned off on a per-class
basis too?

My second idea is a little more radical, but I think it could be useful.

I suggest giving the character $˚ a minor syntactical role, I fear the
floods of objections, but I will suggest the idea anyway, just in case
people have similar or useful alternatives to propose.

If the compiler only compiled code a) up to the first occurrence of $˚
if it is preceded by a CR, or b) up to and including a $˚ if followed by
a CR then the following would be possible...

A method such as this


explanation of complex method...

Shows up in the method browser next to the method it documents.

and a method such as this



Arbitrary documentation here....


I shall now duck and dodge the snowballs


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