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Klaus D. Witzel klaus.witzel at
Wed Jan 2 17:54:05 UTC 2008

On Wed, 02 Jan 2008 18:14:49 +0100, Randal L. Schwartz wrote:

>>>>>> "Keith" == Keith Hodges <keith_hodges at> writes:
> Keith> It seems you cant please all the people all of the time. I  
> started this
> Keith> mode of thought when someone was insisting upon the value of
> Keith> documentation that is not only available when online.
> There is clearly a happy medium between "the entire documentation
> is on the web, making it useless when you are offline" and "we need
> to invent a whole new compiler mode and source code chain just to
> document something".
> Please stop swinging between the extremes.

:) agreed, in a sense. But the way that I am working is mobile as well as  
stationary, and since good old GERMANtrack has no mobile web access I  
browse things I need in advance and then switch the platform's browser to  
offline mode when travelling. There are also utilities (none of which I  
knew about that I can recommend) which populate platform browser's history  
and cache according to configurable lists.

So, what I'd like to see coming out of Keith's initiative is a  
standardized/able URL for accessing documentation by class name (and/or  
category name, method name), launchable by a tool (from the context of  
every Squeak browser view) on demand. That's the easy part [enhancing  
browser instead of compiler] :)

[0.0123*OT and the harder part] some time ago I tried to convince people  
to make available auto-generated, web searchable sourcecode pages from all  
public Squeak repositories and all I got so far (in addition to what was  
available by that time) are the project pages from SqueakSource (for which  
I thank the SqueakSource team very much, it's better than living in the  
dark century of software development).

But still no complete set of searchable web pages, with Squeak  
class+method sourcecode, from all that's published in the repositories,  
available :(



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