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Hi David.


I'm not sure I understand your question. However, if your commands are
Smalltalk selectors (method names), then you can send the message perform:
using the command you want to execute as the argument. For instance, 

ManCommands perform: command






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i am working on a program with a framework, and modules that will plug into
it, and i need to know how to send a class name around. for example: i have
a method in one class, that servers as a module, that will "Procces
Commands" sent to the framework. I have another class that is suposed to
manage the commands and getting them to the right place. 

ManCommands-the command managing class 

Framework-the framework that manages input/output 

BasicModule1-a module that will eventually be used to run other "modules" 

how do i get the framework to tell ManCommands to send the command sent to
the framework to the ProccessCommand method it BasicModule1>

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