[Q] WAListener and WAFileLibrary problem

chunsj at embian.com chunsj at embian.com
Sun Jan 6 22:14:23 UTC 2008

With your given value, it does represent the Han Character proniunced as(in
Korea, chinese or japanese would have different pronunciation) "Ye".

As I said in my previous mail and as Paolo said, above character is Hanja or 
Chinses letter so I cannot determine whether it's Chinese, Japanese or
Korean. For example, with 'a' or'A' you cannot say that it's English or French
or so.

But given character is one of Hangul, then I can say it's Hangul and it probably
represents Korean(though other language can be represented with Hangul).

Sorry for my poor english.

Why we or other east asian countries have been using Han? Tha't because they
didn't have their own alphabet. For example, We, Koean also had been used Hanja
until Hangul was invented(at the time of Sejong, the Great, if you want to know
history :-).

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  Philippe Marschall wrote:
> So how do you know whether the utf-8 byte sequence 0xE4 0xB8 0x8E
> (U+4E0E) is generic Chinese, traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese,
> Japanese or Korean?

Korean only uses CJK alphabets in a few cases (some person names, for 
example).  Most of the time they use a phonetic/syllabic alphabet called 
Hangul which uses a different Unicode block.


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