beware GNU Smalltalk if you want to contribute to squeak

Paolo Bonzini bonzini at
Wed Jan 16 08:08:57 UTC 2008

> It's my understanding that the FSF (i.e.
> not the friendly folks from GNU Smalltalk) owns the copyrights.  Right
> now Smalltalk isn't so much on radar but how would the FSF behave if
> Smalltalk became the most popular language of all time?

Just to be clear, if a big chunk of code was "stolen" from GNU Smalltalk 
and put into Squeak Core under MIT license, it would be *me* asking the 
FSF to take action, without waiting for them to notice.  Friendly, yes; 
stupid, no.

OTOH, requiring completely clean-room engineering if features are taken 
from GNU Smalltalk and brought into Squeak is really over the top.  I'm 
pretty sure the FSF doesn't want to be labeled as the free-software SCO...


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