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Wed Jan 23 08:47:22 UTC 2008

Hi all

as announced at Lugano ESUG is putting in place new action to promote  
the use of smalltalk

ESUG offers 150 Euros for each international conference paper whose  
concepts involves an implementation in Smalltalk

	• After notification of acceptance, one of the authors sends to the  
ESUG board the article, a CV, and a brief explanation of how Smalltalk  
was used
	• In case the ESUG board decides to support the promotion, the author  
has to send to ESUG after the camera-ready deadline a PDF of the  
article, where ESUG is referenced in the acknowledgment section,  
including a link to
	• During the presentation at the conference, the author must mention  
ESUG support
	• After the presentation at the conference the author sends to ESUG a  
PDF version of the slides, where there is a visible reference to ESUG  
(e.g. theESUG Logo). ESUG will put the slides on the ESUG website
	• The author can then trigger the payment by sending an e-Mail to the  
ESUG board
	• A maximum of 3 supported articles per year per institution is allowed


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